A unique solution and one-time investment for your health – SpinaliS

Office work is not as easy as people may think it is. It’s true that the nature of the work is pleasant, but sitting eight hours daily, bad body posture and the great damage we do that we do our spine?

Have you ever noticed that occasional burning backbone or the occasional back pain, or very tired and heavy legs…? All of this is mainly caused by incorrect posture. That’s why I understood that I needed a SpinaliS chair at the office. The pain disappeared after a certain time.

Unfortunately, after changing to a new job I lost my SpinaliS. Believe it or not – after a short time all the pain came back to me. I suffered for a while then decided to get a new SpinaliS chair for my new workplace. My health very quickly improved again, so after work I still have enough energy for other activities in my private life.

So – do not wait for tomorrow but something of great value for your spine and your overall health today. SpinaliS is a unique solution and one-time investment for your health.