Brigita Bukovec

Olympic silver medalist

This is what I need!

After a sports career I had back problems, so I avoided prolonged sitting as such (in front of the computer). I changed quite a few chairs and also spent a lot of money without success. Now I have finally found it! SpinaliS is the only chair that is designed to adjust to me and not vice versa, so my body withstands prolonged sitting without pain. Since I also want the best for my children, it was immediately clear that they would also be using it. This is what we all need!

Lidija Dolenc Carotta

B. Sc. Communication Studies Marketing Dir

Today, each employee has their own SpinaliS chair

We got the first SpinaliS chair in our office two and a half years ago. As we all soon realized that this was a chair that forces you to sit active and keep a correct body posture, which allows your back to be pain free after an eight hour workday, we all fought for it. Today, each employee has their SpinaliS chair. Surely this is the best chair I know of.

Damjana Zerjal

Business secretary

A unique solution and one-time investment for your health – SpinaliS

Office work is not as easy as people may think it is. It’s true that the nature of the work is pleasant, but sitting eight hours daily, bad body posture and the great damage we do that we do our spine?

Have you ever noticed that occasional burning backbone or the occasional back pain, or very tired and heavy legs…? All of this is mainly caused by incorrect posture. That’s why I understood that I needed a SpinaliS chair at the office. The pain disappeared after a certain time.

Unfortunately, after changing to a new job I lost my SpinaliS. Believe it or not – after a short time all the pain came back to me. I suffered for a while then decided to get a new SpinaliS chair for my new workplace. My health very quickly improved again, so after work I still have enough energy for other activities in my private life.

So – do not wait for tomorrow but something of great value for your spine and your overall health today. SpinaliS is a unique solution and one-time investment for your health.

Spela Puc


I think that sitting in the chair is a substitute for sit ups

The idea that doing exercises for the back while sitting at the computer is excellent. So in my spare time I can lie on the couch and read a book without a bad conscience and without back pain. I think sitting on this chair replaces “abs”, because in addition to the back muscles the lower abdominal muscles get a workout.

Ales Stor

Computer expert

A big step towards a healthy spine

My back problems started with swowboarding. I increasingly felt twitches in my back sometimes even feeling almost paralyzed. Later, the problem also occurred while doing other physical activities. So I realized that I was among those who had to pay attention to their back.

In addition to sport activities for strengthening back muscles I also tried SpinaliS. Before that I had been undisciplined when it came to sitting, often being hunched over. The back muscles are completely relaxed in such a manner, the burden being taken by the lower back. Prolonged sitting made my problems worse. With SpinaliS indiscipline is no longer allowed. With my SpinaliS the back muscles are tense all the time, so being reinforced even while sitting, at the same carrying the burden which was previously worn by the backbone.

SpinaliS is not some miracle drug, but it is certainly a big step towards a healthy spine.

Maja Ferme

Award-winning Slovenian designer

Since I am a big aesthetic while swearing on quality and comfort, I chose the SpinaliS Navigator which impressed while testing it in the showroom. It is really different from the others I’ve tried in stores. Now I can sit without any worries, as my SpinaliS is a beautiful combination of red and white frame which is both feminine and modern but it also contains an innovative touch to what I, as a designer and entrepreneur, have beenlooking for a long time.

Robert Rolih

CEO at Uspeh d.o.o.

For me the SpinaliS chair is priceless

The purchase of the SpinaliS chair was one of the best decisions of my life. As a company director I sit in the office and at meetings for more than 10 or 12 hours a day. Prior to the purchase of SpinaliS I had back pain almost every night and I felt that I couldn’t go any further. Luckily I was at a fair and come across a product that would solve these problems. Despite initially having doubts as to whether the chair would solve my problems and wondering how I would be sitting on it, I decided to buy it.

I have now been using this chair a month and I must say that I am impressed. My back does not hurt anymore, I feel great, a whole day sitting on it is not as tiresome as on conventional chairs. Customers that come into my office, look at it with admiration as it is really something special at the same time having a reputation in the market. I feel like I have bought the latest BMW or Mercedes. The SpinaliS chair is invaluable to me, so I recommend it to all my friends and business partners.

Zdenko Podlesnik


Sitting on a SpinaliS chair seems quite similar to recreation

SpinaliS is significantly different from the chairs that I have used so far. SpinaliS requires active sitting and prevents improper posture while sitting. Sitting on a SpinaliS seems quite similar to recreation: the back muscles are constantly sitting slightly tense and active, movement is easier. After sitting for a long time I feel like I do after moderate recreation and not stiff and tired like after sitting in a long forced position. You need some time to get used to sitting on the SpinaliS, but you are aware of its positives very quickly.

SpinaliS is a revolutionary, high-quality product, which can significantly reduce the effects of extensive sitting. SpinaliS has improved my quality of life.

Branka Mercina


My back muscles are stronger, sitting is actually more comfortable

A year and a half I felt, for the first time, what it is like when you cannot get out of bed. After a thorough examination, the doctors found a diagnosis: Hernia discs L5, S1.

After several months of different therapies the pain only became worse. The final remedy was surgery but the pain and neurological disorders also remained after surgery.

Last August, I learned about the development of a chair for proper sitting. I received a prototype to test. I have had this chair for half a year. The back muscles are stronger, sitting is actually more comfortable and less intrusive than other available chairs to me. Since I am aware that my working career will last quite a few more years, I am pleased that I was given the opportunity to use this chair in my workplace and at home. I’m sorry that I made this relavation after surgery. The preventive use of this chair could have potentially prevented the need for surgery and severe pain that has accompanied me all these years.

Mojca Divjak

Univ. graduate. org.

The SpinaliS is beneficial for everyone, young and old, who spend most of the day sitting down

The SpinaliS chair with the moveable seat is more than just a chair. With its flexibility it allows an individual to determine the most appropriate body position, at the same time directing the user into the correct position when sitting.

“Active sitting” on the SpinaliS chair steadies the activity of the back muscles, which improves muscle tone, strengthens the supporting muscles, dynamic effects of sitting allows for a better blood supply to the intervertebral discs and thus protects the spine against the negative effects of prolonged sitting on conventional chairs. I believe that the SpinaliS chair is beneficial for everyone, young and old, who spend most of the day sitting down.

Lily Gradisek

Administrative worker

After using the chair for a few weeks the situation is much better

I am five months pregnant and I have back pain due to the baby. The pain occurred in the first trimester, when I was force to lie down because of a risk pregnancy. Later the pain got only worse while walking and sitting. After using the chair for a few weeks the situation is much better. You have to get used to the chair as the difference between a SpinaliS and a normal chair is great but the sitting is much more comfortable, above all it’s good for your posture and the correct position of the spine, thus relieving pain.

Jože Kos

CEO at Carpentry Kos

Sitting is a pleasure

SpinaliS chairs are really a great thing. It has been four years with no back problems so congratulations to all who helped develop this product. After the first week my muscles hurt even more so I wanted to return the chair. After three weeks, the pain went away and now sitting is a pleasure.