SPINALIS CHAIRS Business card: 

Full name: HAM, Spinalis chair production, d.o.o. 

Short name: HAM d.o.o. Legal status: D.O.O. 

Company headquarters: Gerbičeva ulica 102, Ljubljana 

Director: Mr. Tomaž Ham 

Application number: Srg 2008/37224 

Year of establishment: 1990 

Identification number: 5376491000 

VAT ID: SI70000891 

Share capital: €8,810.00 

TRR number; IBAN: SI56290000059862631 


Contact details: Tel. 01 242 08 70, 01 242 08 71 

Service: 01 242 08 74 

Fax: 01 242 08 77 

Mobile: 051 677 810 

e-mail: info@spinalis.net

Object and business idea:

HAM d.o.o. has developed, patented and protected with a model office chairs with a flexible seat that enable and stimulate active sitting, which strengthens the back muscles and enables the user to maintain the correct body position while sitting. This results in the strengthening of the back muscles, which are the basis for a healthy, pain-free back. SpinaliS chairs are intended for anyone who sits at a desk for two hours or more a day, and are especially recommended for anyone who has to sit for several hours every day at work.

Orders, prices and delivery time:

You can place an order for SpinaliS chairs:

• via the online store

• via e-mail

• via phone

• in person in our showroom

• in writing via traditional mail

• at fairs and presentations

By submitting an order, the customer confirms that he agrees to these general terms and conditions of HAM d.o.o., which can be found on the website www.spinalis.net

Orders must contain all the required information, namely:


• personal data (name and surname, residential address, telephone number and/or e-mail address, delivery address, payment method)


• company information (name of contact person, company name and address, VAT tax number, telephone number and/or email address, delivery address, payment method)

Guarantee of a good purchase:

The good purchase guarantee means that the customer can return the SpinaliS chair within 14 days from the day of delivery only if they are not satisfied with sitting on the SpinaliS. To a customer who is not satisfied with sitting on a SpinaliS chair and wants to claim a good purchase guarantee, we will refund the entire purchase price only if he returns the undamaged chair in its original packaging, with a warranty card. In the event that the customer returns a chair that is dirty and the stain can be cleaned, we charge the customer 10% of the value of the chair for cleaning, in the event that the chair is damaged in any other way, we reserve the right to reduce the amount of the refund to the customer by the cost of repairing the chair. Each customer can use this benefit for a refund of up to two chairs. The refund applies to chairs from the regular offer.

Prices and delivery time:

Prices published online are informative retail prices with VAT (22%) included. HAM d.o.o. reserves the right to change prices regardless of their publication online and is not responsible for any errors in the information about items and their prices.

Discounts are not cumulative. In one purchase, the customer can only benefit from one benefit (discount or coupon). The highest currently valid discount is taken into account.

The usual delivery time for basic items is from a few working days to 30 working days, depending on the busyness of the production. The delivery period starts from the date of payment of the item. HAM d.o.o. is in no way responsible for the consequences caused by a delay in the delivery of items.


Cash in Advance:

After you complete and send the online order, we will send you a preliminary invoice with an approximate delivery date within a few days. After receiving the payment to our account, we will prepare the ordered items within the agreed period inform you about this, and agree on the collection or delivery.


Payment on collection:

You pay the purchase price to the employee of the transport company in cash when the latter delivers the ordered goods to you. All transport costs within the territory of the Republic of Slovenia are already included in the price.


Payment upon collection in the showroom:

You can pay for the order when picking up the goods in our showroom with cash or credit card (Eurocard MC, Visa, Karanta and Diners).

A discount coupon or gift certificate cannot be exchanged for cash under any circumstances.



In rare and exceptional cases, HAM d.o.o. may at its own discretion, offer the SpinaliS chair for a few days’ trial to the agreed company, if this is in accordance with the agreement between HAM d.o.o. and these companies. In the event that the chair is damaged during the test due to improper use, HAM d.o.o. reserves the right to issue an invoice for material damage caused to the chair.


Issuance and acceptance of goods:

When the chairs are ready, we will inform you about it in the agreed way. You can pick up the chairs in person at Gerbičeva Street 102 in Ljubljana, or we can send them to you by courier service, which delivers the chairs the next working day between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. The price already includes the cost of delivery in the Republic of Slovenia. 

HAM d.o.o. cannot in any way be responsible and is not responsible for any problems or misunderstandings with the delivery service (time, hour, method of delivery), or if the package is not delivered on time to the agreed address, we will certainly always intervene in favor of the buyer.



The chairs are packed in cardboard boxes and are partially assembled. The cardboard cover contains the components and instructions for use. An average person with no technical knowledge and no tools can easily assemble the chair in a few minutes (3-5 minutes).


Warranty for defects:

Upon taking over the chair, the customer will carefully inspect it visually and HAM d.o.o. written notice of any obvious material defects no later than within five (5) days of acceptance, otherwise he loses this right. All possible hidden defects, which cannot be noticed during a normal inspection upon acceptance, must be reported by the customer HAM d.o.o. to notify in writing within 5 (five) days from the day the customer noticed such a hidden defect, but no later than 6 (six) months from the date of acceptance. Otherwise, the customer loses this right. HAM d.o.o. for a period of three (3) years from the date of acceptance of the chair by the customer, he guarantees to the customer that the chairs will comply with the specifications for the individual chair that was in force at the time of purchase of the chair and that was (were) defined on the website www.spinalis.com or. other relevant websites of HAM d.o.o. The stated assurance and guarantee expressly do not apply to textiles and/or materials that cover the usable surfaces of the chairs. In this regard, the customer expressly confirms that he is aware that the chairs are made by hand and/or from natural materials. As a result, it is considered that minor cosmetic irregularities may appear (such as different shades of leather colors, minor sewing irregularities, minor sewing irregularities due to sewing together materials of different structures, expansion/shrinkage of materials, minor wrinkles on materials, etc.), which cannot be avoided due to manual production and/or the inherent characteristics of natural materials. The customer therefore acknowledges that all such chairs will not be deemed to have a fault.

The manufacturer points out that the normal lifespan of the SpinaliS chair is at least seven years with normal use. After seven years have passed since the date of purchase, the manufacturer advises that, due to the nature of the materials from which the SpinaliS chair is made, you should bring the chair for a preventive inspection or service to the manufacturer or an authorized dealer to check possible wear of the materials of the chair mechanism and replace the worn parts if necessary.

The manufacturer guarantees that in the event of a justified complaint about the chair, the product will be repaired within 45 days from the date of notification of the defect at the latest. If the product is not repaired within this period, the manufacturer will replace it with a new one.

Spare parts and service will be available for at least 7 years from the date of purchase.

The stated guarantee is not valid in case of mechanical damage, incorrect use, neglected maintenance, or intervention by unauthorized persons, nor is it valid without a certified guarantee certificate and invoice.

The specified guarantee applies in addition to the consumer’s rights arising from the seller’s liability for defects in the goods.

The manufacturer offers the specified guarantee in all countries where it has a network of authorized dealers.

In case of service problems, please contact SpinaliS: service@spinalis.net



• It is not recommended to do anything other than sitting on the chair.



• DO NOT SWING ON THE CHAIR (if all the wheels are not on a flat surface)!

• Teach anyone who has not sat on a similar chair before about proper sitting.

• We are not responsible for any injuries caused by improper use of the chair.

• The maximum permitted weight of the user is 110 kg.

• Do not reach into the spring area with your hand!

• For safety reasons, the maximum tilt of the seat is physically limited, a ‘click’ is heard at maximum tilt.

• The user must not repair or replace the parts of the chair himself.

• Users who have problems with movement and balance should be especially careful when using SpinaliS chairs.

• If you have chosen a chair with light-colored upholstered parts, it is not recommended to sit on it wearing dark-colored clothes, because only these can leak color (jeans, work coat…) and thus permanently stain and stain the fabric.



• If necessary, the seat surface and other parts can be cleaned with a damp cloth and a mild detergent.

• In special climatic conditions, it may happen that the sliding mechanism of the backrest starts to ‘squeak’, which can be easily solved by putting a drop of oil on the backrest support.


Standards, certificates, and patents:

When designing and manufacturing Spinalis, the following standards were taken into account: EN 1335-1, EN 1335-2, EN 1335-3. According to the EN 1335-2 standard, the chair belongs to group B.

SpinaliS has a granted patent with patent no.: PATENT-SI-20508, pat. pend.- PCT/SI00/00033TUV-A-MHF/SF-1/02-03202, and also has the protected model forms of SpinaliS chairs.



Repair of goods:

In case of chair failure, the service is provided at the premises at Gerbičeva Street 102 in Ljubljana. Given that HAM d.o.o. chair manufacturer SpinaliS also has all spare parts for chairs in stock. In the event that the defective chair model is no longer manufactured, HAM d.o.o. reserves the right to install a newer spare part in the chair. Also, you HAM d.o.o. reserve the right to offer the customer fabric from regular production instead of fabric that is no longer in the regular offer.

In the event of a defect within the warranty period, the manufacturer will repair the defect free of charge under the warranty conditions, and in the event of a defect after the expiration of the warranty period, the manufacturer will charge the customer for the repair of the defect according to the currently valid price list.

Responsibility of Ham d.o.o. in any case limited to the replacement of the subject chairs or the right to repair(s) of the subject chairs. This applies in particular to the case of any violation of the obligations and/or guarantees of HAM d.o.o. under these general conditions, including but not limited to the causing of damage, which also includes all acts and/or omissions caused by negligence.

Ham d.o.o. shall in no event be liable for any loss of profit, goodwill, or any kind of special, indirect, and/or consequential loss (including but not limited to loss and/or damage suffered by the customer as a result of any third party claims, notwithstanding, that any loss of this type could be reasonably foreseen and/or Ham d.o.o. was informed of the possibility of its occurrence. Ham d.o.o. does not guarantee that the chairs are suitable for any particular way of use.

All conditions, warranties, covenants, and other provisions determined by any law that will apply to these general terms and conditions are hereby excluded, to the fullest extent permitted by any applicable law.

Ham d.o.o. is and always remains the holder, owner, and sole beneficiary of its goodwill, added value from this title, all intellectual property rights, and/or know-how in connection with the chairs and all its products.

Ham d.o.o. expressly reserves all rights in connection with all/any domains in connection with chairs. In the event that at any time any domain in connection with the above is registered in the name of the customer and/or in the name of a third party by order and/or in any (indirect, direct, explicit, implicit, without limitation) connection with the customer, then it is considered, that by purchasing the chair, the customer has given irrevocable and unconditional consent to the transfer of all/any such domains to Ham d.o.o., free of charge. In the event that any domain was registered in the name of a third party for the customer’s account, then the customer undertakes to obtain all statements and/or consents or everything necessary for the complete transfer of such domains (back) to Ham d.o.o.

The customer acknowledges that the intellectual property rights of Ham d.o.o. will not be transferred to or shared with the customer under any circumstances and under any conditions. As a result, the customer within or as a result of these general conditions, the purchase of a chair and/or in any other way will not be on the intellectual rights of Ham d.o.o. received no rights or entitlements.


Force majeure:

Ham d.o.o. will not be liable for the breach of any obligation under this contract or general conditions, in case the reason for this is an event of force majeure, i.e. for reasons beyond his influence. In any such case, Ham d.o.o. will inform the other party in writing without delay and describe the reason for the force majeure and the resulting inability to fulfill the obligations due to this reason. Ham d.o.o. in this case, will take all measures and actions to minimize the consequences of force majeure as much as possible. In the event that the case of force majeure lasts longer than three (3) months, then Ham d.o.o. or the customer may terminate this agreement. Neither party is responsible for terminating the contract due to force majeure.


Protection of personal data:

HAM d.o.o. declares that it respects the criteria and criteria prescribed for ensuring privacy and protecting personal data. Registration and/or entry of personal data in the online sale of SpinaliS chairs is necessary and exclusively necessary only for the correct performance of services, in the event that you decide to purchase.

HAM d.o.o. declares that it will never transfer, sell, rent, or manage your personal data in any other way.

HAM d.o.o. will only disclose your personal data if necessary, if this is necessary by law or in the good faith belief that such action is necessary in order to:

  • would comply with legal regulations or legal procedures carried out on the website
  • to protect and defend the property or rights of HAM d.o.o. We take care to protect your information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure, alteration, or destruction. Data is stored on password-protected servers with limited access. The online shopping center takes good care of the security of your personal data and respects your choice for its intended use.


We take care to protect your information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure, alteration, or destruction. Data is stored on password-protected servers with limited access. The online shopping center takes good care of the security of your personal data and respects your choice for its intended use.

By submitting an order for a chair, the customer is deemed to be giving permission to the manufacturer and seller to collect, store, process and use the received data for the purposes of fulfilling the order for products and services and providing information about the products, in accordance with the law governing the protection of personal data.

The parties will resolve any possible misunderstandings by agreement and in good faith. If this is not possible, the court in Ljubljana, Slovenia has exclusive jurisdiction for all disputes arising from this contract/general terms and conditions and in connection with it/them.


HAM d.o.o.