Office chairSpinaliS STYLIST

In response to the wishes of the best Slovenian hairdressers, we have developed the SpinaliS STYLIST.

Fabric and color


Many jobs require employees to stand all day and SpinaliS STYLIST provides for comfort, health and less strain during working hours.

In addition to the moveable seat, which is typical for all SpinaliS chairs, we have added a specially-designed seat to work in standing or semi-standing positions. The seat of the SpinaliS Stylist has been designed so that the buttocks will not slip, even if it is tilted heavily forward or if we are reclining to the edge of the buttocks.

By sitting on the SpinaliS STYLIST, we enable the spine to always be in the correct position, thus relieving pressure on the inter-vertebral discs, while unburdening your feet.

Tehnical specifications:

Fabrique: artificial leather

Chair Weight: 9,65 kg

Chair dimensions: width 50,5 cm, depth 50,5 cm, height: 73 to 86 cm

Max chair load: 40-110 kg

Packaging: box 51 cm x 45 cm x 46 cm