Office chairSpinaliS SMART

SpinaliS SMART is a smart solution for small places.

Fabric and color



The SpinaliS SMART is intended for those who sit a lot, but their job environment or nature of work does not allow space for larger SpinaliS models with back and arm rests.

The SMART is ideal for jobs in shops and banks, in production, cashiers, and more. It is an ideal choice for dental technicians, goldsmiths, precision mechanics and other specific technical jobs where the worker is bent over the work bench or the patient. The SpinaliS Smart is perfect for wherever we want to create a user-friendly and healthy workplace, despite spatial constraints.

The base model is available in twelve different colors and with a black frame. It is dressed in a cotton fabric with the look of leather. The SpinaliS SMART has a height-adjustable seat and backrest for lower back and arms.

Tehnical specifications:

Fabrique: cotton fabric with leather look

Chair Weight: 10,7 kg

Chair dimensions: width 63 cm, depth 63 cm, height: 64 to 74 cm

Max chair load: 40-95 kg

Packaging: box 62 cm x 52 cm x 56 cm