Office chairSpinaliS HACKER

Spinalis HACKER is our best selling model and also the favorite of the most hardcore computer programmers.

Fabric and color



SpinaliS HACKER is the best choice for programmers as well as IT experts, office workers and gamers, who spend most of their time behind the computer screen.

The height adjustable moveable seat allows sitting without improper spinal position. The backrest mimics the curve of your spine and follows your movements and the padded element gives you added support when necessary. The mesh on the backrest is always in black and the air permeable mesh helps in lessening perspiration. The hand rest at a suitable height to the table offers hand support and helps to unburden the wrists. It is available in a black frame and in eight different colors.

HACKER is the best-selling model of all SpinaliS chairs in both the business world and among home computer enthusiasts – it will also excite you!

Tehnical specifications:

Fabrique: cotton fabric with leather look and fabric – net

Chair Weight: 15 kg

Chair dimensions: width 63 cm, depth 63 cm, height: 97 to 119 cm

Max chair load: 40-110 kg

Packaging: box 62 cm x 52 cm x 56 cm