Office chairSpinaliS DENT

The SpinaliS DENT is intended for specific jobs (dentists, dental technicians, ophthalmologists, electronics, etc.), where it is necessary to lean over the patient or work surface, while maintaining maximum mobility.

Fabric and color


The seat and the rest for arms and back rotate and move independently, allowing for comfort in unusual positions.

The base model comes in a chromed frame with a ring for the legs. It comes in three colors and the fabric is intended for sterile or hygienic sensitive.

Tehnical specifications:

Fabrique: antibacterial fabric

Chair Weight: 14 kg

Chair dimensions: width 63 cm, depth 63 cm, height: 78 to 91 cm

Max chair load: 40-110 kg

Packaging: box 62 cm x 52 cm x 56 cm