I recommend the chair to all who sit a long time 

Society is becoming sedentary, children sit in school and at home.  They sit while doing their homework, sit at computers for hours or while watching TV. The same applies to adults and the elderly. We have given up in actively shaping our bodies

If you want to feel comfortable while sitting, we need to strengthen those muscles that support the spine. We must also support both natural curves of the spine, which is important to sit properly, which means active sitting. With long-term forced sitting primary school pupils, in particular, sit improperly. Over years this may lead to an improper sitting posture. The risk of becoming one of the many patients with spinal problems is here. For many years, sitting on large rubber balls has been recommended. Sitting on the ball activates the body to seek and maintain balance. This strengthens the previously described muscles.

Continuous movement which is required while sitting on SpinaliS strengthens the back muscles, while the vertebrae and inter-vertebral discs are evenly burdened. With active sitting we can prevent spinal injury. I recommend the SpinaliS chair to all who sit a long time, especially if you sit in improper and awkward positions.