SpinaliS chair allows continuous movement of the pelvis

In the last decade factories have produced a wide variety of chairs (Gugu chair) and devices (ball, wedge-shaped pillow) to make it easier to sit longer without pain. Sitting must be repeatedly interrupted or the sitting position altered. When we listen to someone we are in contact with the backrest of the chair (Seat surface is tilted back) and when we write, we move away (Seat surface is tilted forward). The pelvis has an important role in sitting because with every inclination the position of the spine also changes. So we have make sure we have strong muscles in the body, which will  care that the distance between the pubic bone and the sternum is the same all the time (in all modes of seating) and not to allow this distance to close, or bend the spine and not to allow sitting to tire us.

A therapeutic ball and SpinaliS chair allow for constant movement of the pelvis which is very important because the correct position of the pelvis and spine affect breathing and digestion, strengthen muscles while encouraging proper posture and body balance.