A big step towards a healthy spine

My back problems started with swowboarding. I increasingly felt twitches in my back sometimes even feeling almost paralyzed. Later, the problem also occurred while doing other physical activities. So I realized that I was among those who had to pay attention to their back.

In addition to sport activities for strengthening back muscles I also tried SpinaliS. Before that I had been undisciplined when it came to sitting, often being hunched over. The back muscles are completely relaxed in such a manner, the burden being taken by the lower back. Prolonged sitting made my problems worse. With SpinaliS indiscipline is no longer allowed. With my SpinaliS the back muscles are tense all the time, so being reinforced even while sitting, at the same carrying the burden which was previously worn by the backbone.

SpinaliS is not some miracle drug, but it is certainly a big step towards a healthy spine.