Healthy sitting

Healthy sitting

SpinaliS is the only chair in the world that allows you the comfort of a modern office chair, while at the same time mimicking the active sitting of a therapeutic ball, which is what therapists recommend as the best tool for healthy sitting.

What is active sitting

Active sitting is sitting that activates the back and abdominal muscles.

As a rule, such sitting requires a moveable seat, which prompts the user to maintain balance, as you would when sitting on an exercise ball, activating a variety of muscles constantly.

This counteracts the clinically-proven negative effects of sitting for too long on fixed seats, and also proactively improves musculature and even stimulates weight loss.

Introducing SpinaliS, the doctor-recommended
12-in-1 office chair

This patented invention has been clinically proven to not only counteract the negative side effects of sitting, but to actively promote health while sitting.


Sitting on a ball requires active sitting, constantly using our muscles to adjust to the ball’s subtle movements, thus promoting muscle maintenance and development, and counteracting the negative effects of sitting too much.SpinaliS chairs do just this: they replicate sitting on a therapy ball, but add back support and a variety of elegant, practical shapes and designs, to suit any work or home environment.
Feel better, be more productive, and earn more money with the help of SpinaliS chairs.

Hrbtenica se pri vsakem nagibu telesa “lomi” v križu, kar privede do poškodb in bolečin.
Pasivno sedenje na ergonomskih stolih s fiksnim sedežem zaradi neenakomernih pritiskov na diskuse povzroča bolečine in okvare v hrbtu.

Sedenje na SpinaliSu posnema sedenje na terapevtski žogi.
Terapevtsko žogo v zdravstvu že dolgo priporočajo vsem z okvaro hrbtenice. Enako priporočena je tudi za otroke, ker jih sili v aktivno sedenje – pravilno držo, krepitev hrbtnih in trebušnih mišic.

Zaradi gibljivega sedeža, ki sledi nagibu telesa je hrbtenica ves čas v pravilnem položaju.
Aktivno sedenje na stolu Spinalis posnema aktivno sedenje na terapevtski žogi krepi hrbtne in trebušne mišice, vzpodbuja pravilno držo in s tem preprečuje bolečine v hrbtenici.

Zaradi težav s hrbtenico do prave ideje!

Kako do prave ideje? Odgovor je največkrat v nas samih. Vprašajmo se, kaj je tisto, kar najraje počnemo? Bi naši izdelki ali storitve komu pomagali? Kaj potrebujemo pa ni na trgu?

Medical opinions

Prof. Dr. sci. JANKO POPOVIC

Dr. Medicine – Orthopaedist

SpinaliS is important for preventive measures

The idea of ​​constructing a chair with a moving base or moving seat seems to me to be one of the very important things in preventing the degeneration of the discs. Because of the constant movement of the seat back muscles have to work constantly, so there is no unilateral burdening of the spine and l discs, but the burden is distributed to the entire spinal area, sometimes more on one side, sometimes more on the other.

I would recommend this chair to patients with low back pain and other parts of the spine, especially for people who sit a lot or are in a forced sitting position at work, to prevent the most frequent problems related to the spine. It seems to me that this is one of the important preventive measures to reduce spinal problems.

Dušan Pusnik

Dr. Medicine. Ophthalmologist

I can very positively grade the use of the SpinaliS chair

I use SpinaliS in my work in the eye clinic and for eye surgeries. In the clinic I have a lot of movements that especially strains the lumbar part of the spine.

The great flexibility of SpinaliS allows me to have the chair seat follow the movements of the spine. The SpinaliS chair relieves the burden on the back and distributes it evenly. Using SpinaliS, in my experience, has indirectly strengthened my back muscles and allowed me to stretch while sitting for several hours. In addition, a great mobile chair enables the continuous adaptation of the entire body to help me and my approach to operating.

The chair is also used by assistants who are also very positive regarding its use. One is constantly encouraged to be active using the entire spine and back muscles while sitting. Thus, despite sitting we strengthen our back muscles the spine is constantly in motion and thus indirectly exercises.