SpinaliS is intended primarily for those who are sitting for more than two hours a day. It prevents injuries and pain due to extended time of sitting in ordinary chairs with a fixed seat. It is especially recommended for children and adolescents. Because of the process of schooling in this period, children are sitting a lot. Consequently, their muscles do not develop correctly, leading to spine problems later on in life. Due to insufficient exercise and rapid growth, their muscles do not offer enough support to the spine.

SpinaliS chairs enable two ways of sitting. The first one is active, meaning that we sit in the middle of the seat, and our muscles are engaged. The second way is when we sit towards the back of the seat and lean on the backrest. This way, our muscles are slightly relaxed, although we keep our body active due to the need to maintain the flexible seat balance. 

It depends on the current physical state of your back supporting muscles. On average, the first phase takes a few hours, while the second phase can take from a few days to two weeks until the muscles are strong enough to support the spine.
After two or three days, slight pain in the muscles may occur, usually lasting for a day or two. It is a normal reaction to muscle activity and is an excellent sign that the previously inactive muscles started to support the spine again.

SpinaliS chairs enable two ways of sitting. The first one is active, meaning that we sit in the middle of the seat, and our muscles are engaged. The second way is when we sit towards the back of the seat and lean on the backrest. This way, our muscles are slightly relaxed, although we still keep our body active due to the need to maintain the flexible seat balance. 

We recommend that the users with a spine defect (especially with severe injuries, after surgery, or severe diagnosis) consult their orthopedist before buying a SpinaliS chair. The doctor shall advise the patient to use either a therapeutic ball or a SpinaliS chair.

The usual delivery time is 5 to 7 days from the receipt of the payment. For all additional information, please contact info@spinals.si or call 051 677 810. For more information, click here.

SpinaliS chair follows the movement of the body, thus keeping your spine in balance. SpinaliS’s adjustable seat moves with every movement of the body in the direction of pelvis and spine movement and always keeps the spine in the correct position.

SpinaliS substantially helps maintain a healthy spine. When sitting in SpinaliS back and abdominal muscles are active all the time; they get stronger, relieve the discs and vertebrae, and prevent injuries and back pain.

It seems so at first sight. But after a few days of active sitting, SpinaliS becomes wonderfully comfortable. At the beginning of adjusting to SpinaliS, the feeling is somewhat unusual, as we are used to ordinary chairs with a fixed seat. We are used to sitting with relaxed back muscles leading to spine defects. Sitting in SpinaliS can compare to sitting on a therapeutic ball, where we need to keep our balance all the time. Although it seems hard at the beginning, we get used to active sitting very quickly.

It is an entirely normal phenomenon, which shall pass with regular use of the chair. It takes some effort to sit in Spinalis for the first few days, as the body needs some time to adjust to active sitting. When the muscles get stronger, sitting in SpinaliS becomes pure pleasure. We recommend that you sit more to the back of the seat for the first few days, with your back leaned against the backrest. Sitting like this will reduce the movement of the seat and your muscular activity as well. Strong back muscles play a crucial role in supporting the spine. Even after sitting for ten hours or more in a SpinaliS chair, the back does not hurt.

The Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices of the Republic of Slovenia has registered SpinaliS chairs as a medical device. Numerous clinical trials with a therapeutic ball have shown that active sitting is the healthiest way of sitting. The very same active sitting is the basic idea of SpinaliS chairs. With the pelvis and spine’s simultaneous movement, they activate muscles and prevent wrong motion, which is the most common cause of spine deformation and pain. Many favorable reviews of medical doctors and satisfied users’ opinions all confirm SpinaliS’ efficiency.

SpinaliS chairs are the product of domestic, Slovenian development. It is an original, innovative patent conceived by Tomaž Ham, the owner of HAM LLC. Apart from two elements, the entire production takes place in Slovenia under HAM LLC’s supervision and in cooperation with subcontractors.

There is no magical power to heal all problems of the spine. It is true, though, that SpinaliS can drastically reduce or even eliminate back pain in most cases. According to the opinion of the established orthopedist, dr. PopovičSpinaliS chair is among critical preventive measures for the relief of spinal problems.

A healthy spine means a “young” spine in the sense of flexibility, elasticity, and firm soft tissue surrounding the bone elements. A healthy spine guarantees an active life, good posture, easy and unlimited movement, life without pain, tingling, and other problems.

Active sitting means that muscles and other soft tissue enable the sitting position and not the external elements such as backrest, desk, armrest, etc.

An excellent ergonomic chair should provide proper and active sitting. Since humans are meant to move, the number of muscles in our body is three times higher than the number of bones; thus, there is no single perfect static position. It is best if our muscles are always active while sitting.

Spinal disc herniation is an injury to the cushioning and connective tissue between vertebrae, usually caused by excessive strain or trauma to the spine. There are 23 discs between the spinal vertebrae. These are small panels consisting of a fluid core and a firm connective tissue, performing as shock absorbers of our movement and gravity forces.

A lasting forced static posture, strenuous manual work, and repetitive asymmetric movement patterns may lead to micro-injuries, disc herniation, or muscle cramps in the lumbar area causing lower back pain.

Good exercises engage all support muscles of the lumbar spine. The core muscles need endurance and flexibility.

It is not possible. Namely, we designed the Spinalis chair to promote active sitting. Try to sit deeper in the seat and lean the lower back on the lumbar support; thus, the seat will move less.

The most suitable chair for children is Basic. Even the first graders can use it. The seat and backrest height is adjustable, so the chair follows your child’s growth and provides many years of satisfaction for their users. It is essential that during sitting, the feet are flat on the ground. To achieve this, you can use an additional circular footrest if your child’s legs are not long enough yet.

SpinaliS chairs are medical appliances and serve a similar purpose as an orthopedic or therapeutic ball. While sitting in SpinaliS chairs, we strengthen the back and abdominal muscles. Active sitting prevents and relieves pain caused by bad posture and extended sitting time. SpinaliS chairs are not only high-quality office chairs. They are considered an accessory for wellbeing and an investment in your health.

SpinaliS chairs don’t require any special maintenance. Now and then, you should wipe them with a damp cloth and a gentle detergent. Metal elements of the chair and its vital parts ensure a longer lifetime of the product and reduce possible defects.  The SpinaliS team shall eliminate a potential flaw in a few days.

For our handmade chairs, we use the highest quality materials with the expected prolonged lifetime use. We hope the chair serves you well for a minimum of 10 to 15 years with regular and proper use. As with any material, the chair’s life expectancy is affected by how you use and take care of the chair. If any part of your chair needs replacement, do not hesitate to contact us at info@spinalis.com or by phone at +386 51 677 810.

We offer a three-year warranty on all metallic parts (frame, base, height adjustment mechanism). The warranty does not include seat cover and fabric. The proclaimed lifespan of SpinaliS chairs is seven years (Purchase Safety and Warranty)

Warranty of a good purchase means that the customer is entitled to return the Spinalis chair within 14 days from the delivery date if sitting in the SpinaliS does not satisfy their needs. We reimburse the full purchase price to the customer who is not satisfied with sitting in the SpinaliS chair and wishes to enforce the warranty of a good purchase on the condition that they return the chair undamaged, in the original packaging, including the warranty certificate.  Each customer has the right to benefit from this privilege to a maximum of two chairs, the customer arranges and covers the costs of the return. The refund is only valid for chairs from the regular offer.