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How can SpinaliS help you?

Sitting for an extended time in an ordinary chair can easily make us forget about correct posture. So, we start curving the spine, which may cause excessive pressure on individual vertebrae and back pain. SpinaliS office chair mimics sitting on the ball and thus stimulates correct sitting without strain and relieves the spine. At the same time, it offers the top ergonomic support for relaxation during sitting.
With active sitting, we strengthen the muscles, keep the ligaments flexible, and avoid excessive strain on individual parts of the spine. Blood circulation improves, and the breathing becomes more profound, positively influencing our concentration and productivity.
Only when we feel good, we can do the things we love in our free time, the things that fulfill our life, without any pain. Be it sports activities or spending time with your family.

Ergonomic Setting of the Workspace

Five easy steps for setting an ergonomic workspace:

  • Adjust the office chair to the desk.
  • Adjust the placement of the computer screen.
  • Move the computer mouse and keyboard closer.
  • Exercise!
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How to choose an excellent ergonomic chair?


Key points to consider when choosing an ergonomic chair:

  • Seat width and depth should fit your pelvis.
  • Backrest and lumbar support should hold up your body where necessary.
  • Materials should be thermally conductive and breathable.
  • Easy adjustment of the chair.
  • The chair should enable active sitting.

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