Active sitting on SpinaliS chairs is an excellent prevention for maintaining a healthy spine.

Spine Friendly School

With one of the Ljubljana primary schools, we carried out the project “Spine Friendly School.” We had been monitoring two classes of students. One of them was furnished with commonly used school chairs, while the second class had SpinaliS chairs designed for children sitting and working at school.

The physical therapist and orthopedic surgeon were annually checking students’ posture, back muscles strength, and the spine’s general condition. With the help of video clips, the psychologist monitored children’s concentration during the lessons.

In five years, the difference between the two classes was noticeable. Better development of back and abdominal muscles, better posture, and less overweight children were the features of the students who were using SpinaliS chairs. The findings so far are showing that the children too need active sitting.

Children find SpinaliS chairs as amusing as theme park rides. And there are also strong positive effects on health and posture.

Sitting in SpinaliS chair …

SpinaliS office chair with the flexible seat facilitates good posture without strain. Simultaneously, it satisfies the child’s need for movement during homework, learning, or any other sitting activity.
SpinaliS Basic, with its height-adjustable seat and circular footrest, is suitable already for the first graders. Because of its height-adjustable seat, the chair will grow with your child and will remain their irreplaceable friend through their childhood and adolescence.
We designed SpinaliS chairs to encourage constant movement, allowing the child to move and sit in a non-disturbing, handsfree, efficient, and simultaneously amusing way.

Spine problems and poor posture in childhood will cause trouble in adult life

Ivica Flis Smaka, M.D.

Specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

The early years are the key to a healthy spine, particularly in the period of fast growth between the age of 6 and 12. Bad posture in early childhood and puberty (be it at school or time spent with various screens), heavy school bags, unhealthy diet, and lack of physical activity – all these factors influence musculoskeletal system development. Spine problems in school years will cause trouble in adult life.

The period of growth is essential for the development of good posture

Prof. Janko Popovic, M.D. D. Sc., Orthopedist

Bad posture can be improved.

The period of growing up is vital for the development of good posture. Various influences of the environment (sitting for extended periods, carrying heavy school bags in one hand, crouching over the desk, etc.) may lead to permanent inadequate posture. A child with poor posture becomes an adult with bad posture. Later in life, movement, maintaining balance, and work cause more muscular strain. The results are fatigue, lower productivity, and faster aging of tissue.

The good news is that poor posture is often the consequence of insufficient and incorrect muscle activity. It can be improved entirely by will and discipline (as opposed to deformation or injury).

I find the idea of a movable seat essential in preventing bad posture and the degeneration of discs.   I would recommend SpinaliS chair as early as in school-age. It allows active sitting, strengthens the muscles while simultaneously gives children the freedom of moving.

Children who sit in SpinaliS chairs stay focused longer and get used to sitting at the desk and work for school faster.

Catch the critical years for a healthy spine!

SpinaliS Basic is just perfect for children. With added circular footrest, it provides for optimal sitting during play, learning, and homework. The adjustable backrest and handles grow with your child. Your child can use their SpinaliS Basic through their youth.

The Transition from Play to Work

Tina Rutar Leban, Psychologist

Educational Research Institute, Ljubljana

SpinaliS gives children the opportunity for different, more exciting movement than they are used to while sitting in ordinary chairs. Simultaneously, it offers a possibility for an amusing transition from play to serious school work. In my opinion, Spinalis influences posture in many positive ways. From the psychological perspective, it considerably facilitates school work and better concentration during learning. The »Spine Friendly School« project has got my full support. I keep my fingers crossed that there will be even more schools and more students participating in this project in the future.

An Investment you will Never Regret