Investment in your Health

Research has shown that as many as 85 % of adults experience lower back pain at least once in a lifetime, representing the second most frequent cause of absence from the workplace.

Causes for sick leave in companies

A 2013 Eurostat study of workers in the EU proved, that a musculoskeletal disorder, such as back pain, was the cause of as many as 60% of sick leave. This means that preventive measures against back problems can lead to up to 60% higher efficiency. Equip your workplace and co-workers’ workplaces with SpinaliS chairs. You will reduce sick leave while increasing employee efficiency and satisfaction.

Most jobs nowadays are performed while sitting. We spend at least eight hours per day in various forced postures. After work, we are sitting in the car, at our computer, and on the couch. All this sums up to almost 15 hours of sitting in inconvenient positions per day.

SpinaliS – for Health in your Workplace

After an extended sitting period in an ordinary chair in time, we forget about good posture. Our spine starts to curve, leading to excessive pressure on individual vertebrae and severe pain in the back. SpinaliS office chair mimics sitting on the ball, and so stimulates the correct manner of sitting.
With active sitting, we strengthen the muscles, keep the ligaments flexible, and avoid excessive strain on individual parts of the spine. Blood circulation improves, and the breathing becomes more profound, which positively influences our ability to concentrate and productivity. SpinaliS office chair mimics sitting on the ball and thus stimulates correct sitting without strain and relieves the spine. At the same time, it offers the topmost ergonomic support for relaxation during sitting. .
We can bring our wellbeing and enthusiasm to work when we feel good and can do the things we love in our free time.

SpinaliS is immensely helpful in your workplace. The inventive and practical design of the SpinaliS chairs provide for ergonomy of your workspace and satisfy your highest aesthetic expectations – but not to the expense of your spine!

Active Sitting on SpinaliS office chair

The seat is flexible in all directions, and it follows every movement of your body, providing the correct position of the pelvis and the spine. While maintaining balance, we activate the back and abdominal muscles, and at the same time, we strengthen them so that the spine is relieved.
It relieves the shoulder girdle muscles, the proportion of the backrest and hand support is optimal. Hand support is shorter than in other office chairs so that you can move closer to the desk.
Lumbar support enables the relaxation of muscles, so the spine remains in the correct position.

The Consequences of (In)correct Sitting Posture

Furnish your Office with SpinaliS Chairs

To lower the incidence of sick leave, to increase the effectiveness and satisfaction of your employees.

Furnish your Office with SpinaliS Chairs

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