The majority of SpinaliS users grow accustomed to the chair within a few hours of use. Some require a bit more time, as it is indeed a different sensation from sitting in a fixed chair. Our customers have reported needing anything from a few hours to two weeks! If, for any reason, you would like to return your SpinaliS chair, you can do so within thirty days of receiving it and be assured of a full refund. But please ask your local distributor for details, as our locals distributors may have slightly different return policies.

Yes, it is completely normal and will go away with continued use. The main issue is that active sitting, as is promoted by SpinaliS chairs, requires some getting used to. It is meant to activate muscles that keep you and your back healthy, and this means that sitting on them feels different, and initially can result in mild muscle aches, as the muscles in use are indeed working (and that’s a good thing). We recommend that, for the first few weeks with your new SpinaliS chair, you sit further back on the seat, with your back against the back rest. This minimizes the movement of the seat, and thus your muscle activity. Gradually, you should sit towards the front of the seat, which activates your muscles more, and is healthiest in the long run. After a few weeks of use, you’ll find that the SpinaliS chairs are entirely comfortable, and your body will be very grateful, if you use them all day, every working day, for years to come.

This is not possible, as it would defeat the purpose of the chair, which is designed to promote active sitting. However, if you sit further back in the seat, with the small of your back touching the lumbar support, the seat moves less than when you sit more forward on it.

Our highest-end model is the Navigator, and this includes a back high enough to support the head. But do keep in mind that SpinaliS chairs are meant to be office chairs, not for lounging, so they focus on back health and functionality, rather than relaxation.

We are regularly designing new models, so please keep an eye on our site.

The functionality of all models is the same. The differences are in the design aesthetic, materials and the amount of craftsmanship required to build each model.

The functionality of each model (aside from the Pilot) is the same, so choosing the best for you is all about personal feel and aesthetic preference. A more heavy-set person may find the Ergonomic or Pilot more comfortable. The Navigator has more of a male aesthetic, as do the Hacker and Apollo models. If you have a specific working environment for which you need a chair (for example, if you are a hair stylist, a makeup artist, a doctor, a physiotherapist), we can recommend specific models to suit your needs.

The best model for children is the Basic. A child can use this as early as 1st grade. You can regulate the height of the seat and the back, so the chair can grow with your child and will guarantee many years of happy use. Because it is important that one’s feet touch the ground while seated, there is the option of installing a footrest at the base of the chair, if your child’s legs are not quite long enough to reach the ground without one.

SpinaliS is designed and built in Slovenia, in the heart of the European Union. Our firm has been producing chairs for more than 19 years, with tens of thousands of satisfied customers.

SpinaliS chairs are orthopedic aids and have a similar function to an orthopedic or exercise ball. By sitting in them, we work the back and stomach muscles, which helps to relieve pain resulting from incorrect posture and remaining seated too long. These chairs should be considered not only high-quality office chairs, but also a wellness aid.

The key difference is that sitting in a SpinaliS chair replicates sitting on a therapeutic or exercise ball, encouraging active sitting, which is far healthier than sitting in normal chairs. Much more detail about why our chairs are so good for you is available in our promotional video and elsewhere on this site.

Our chairs are endorsed by doctors as wellness aids, and are recommended by orthopedists. However, it’s always a good idea to ask your personal doctor specifically about SpinaliS chairs and follow their recommendation.

The materials with which we hand-make our chairs are of the highest quality and should therefore last a long time. We expect the lifespan of our chairs to be at least 10-15 years with regular, correct use. Of course, as with all materials, the way in which they are used and cared for determines much of their lifespan. Should any aspect of your chair wear out or require replacement, please contact us.

The warranty runs for three years for the metal components (the frame, the base, the height adjustment mechanism), while the warranty does not cover the seat cover and fabric. Please ask your local distributor for details.

Of course, but if this is required, we do not fix the cushions or fabric but instead replace them with entirely new components.

Within Slovenia, where we are located, it is usually 7-10 days. For orders shipped abroad, it depends on the manner in which the chairs are shipped. Please be in touch with us and we can make a more precise calculation.

Medical opinions

Prof. Dr. sci. JANKO POPOVIC

Dr. Medicine – Orthopaedist

SpinaliS is important for preventive measures

The idea of ​​constructing a chair with a moving base or moving seat seems to me to be one of the very important things in preventing the degeneration of the discs. Because of the constant movement of the seat back muscles have to work constantly, so there is no unilateral burdening of the spine and l discs, but the burden is distributed to the entire spinal area, sometimes more on one side, sometimes more on the other.

I would recommend this chair to patients with low back pain and other parts of the spine, especially for people who sit a lot or are in a forced sitting position at work, to prevent the most frequent problems related to the spine. It seems to me that this is one of the important preventive measures to reduce spinal problems.

Irena Logonder

speech therapist

SpinaliS allows for an active body in the correct position

SpinaliS due to its moveability optimally meet the child’s need for movement also during medical treatment. It allows for an active body in the correct position, which is a necessary starting point for better speech motorics and thus more successful speech therapy treatment.