Office chairs for a healthy spine

Office chairs for a healthy spine

All SpinaliS office chair models offer active sitting. From the health and wellbeing perspective, they are all equivalent. Your choice depends on which seat and backrest suits you the most.

How to Choose your SpinaliS?

People come in different shapes and sizes, that’s why we have developed an extensive collection of chairs for every body type. You can choose among chairs with higher backrest for taller people and padded chairs for those looking for superior comfort. If necessary, you can adjust the height of the chair and the type of wheels.
SpinaliS chairs are suitable for offices, children’s rooms, workspaces, and even doctor’s offices. With a wide range of colors and top quality materials, the chair and your living area or workspace will be in perfect harmony.
Don’t be surprised if you must get used to active sitting in a SpinaliS chair. One-third of our office chair users encounter some difficulties maintaining the balance in the first week or two. Some users also experience muscle pain, know as muscle fatigue. In fact, it’s a good sign since – after many years of sitting in ordinary chairs – your muscles are now active again.
A free trial
Choose the most suitable chair for yourself. You will have the opportunity to test the chair, which will be brought to your office or home free of charge. To make your choice easier, talk to our specialists about the advantages of sitting on a SpinaliS chair to ensure the best active sitting experience.