The SpinaliS office chair is the only chair that offers a modern office chair's comfortableness and mimics active sitting on the therapeutic ball. Physicians recommend a therapeutic ball as the best accessory for healthy sitting.

What is Active sitting?

Active sitting activates back and abdominal muscles. As a rule, this is true for chairs with a flexible seat. To maintain their balance and stability, the user must activate their muscles, or else they may fall off the seat.

Sitting on a therapeutic ball is an example, where due to its flexibility, we are forced into sitting with good posture, our spine upright. Sitting like this encourages constant activity, so it strengthens back and abdominal muscles. Thus, intervertebral discs are released, back pain is eliminated, which results in physical fitness.

Office Chair – Therapeutic Ball – SpinaliS

With each tilt of the body, the spine »breaks« in the lower back area, leading to injuries and pain.

Sitting in a SpinaliS chair mimics active sitting on a therapeutic ball.

Due to its adjustable seat, which follows the body movements, the spine is continuously in an upright and correct position.

A free trial in your home
We want you to choose the most suitable chair for your needs. Completely free of charge, we will bring the chair to your home, where you will be testing it for one week. For an optimal experience of active sitting in your home, talk to our specialists about the advantages and essential characteristics of SpinaliS chairs.

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