Take part in retail sale of an innovative product, which makes it possible for its end users to sit in a healthy and active way! SpinaliS is a family business with dedicated staff, who are distinguished by their kindness, integrity and thoroughness.

Who are we?
SpinaliS is an innovative brand name registered in Slovenia, EU. We have been manufacturing the chairs that enable a healthy and active sitting since 1999. A network of independent partners makes it possible for us to sell our products in numerous European countries.
For our business partners we provide high quality products and an excellent support. SpinaliS is an established trade mark. Our chairs are registered in the EU as a medical accessory1.

Our end users can chose among various models, materials and colours. The models are adjusted to the specifics of different workplaces, as well as to gender and age of the users.

Made in EU
At SpinaliS we are proud to be able to provide the top quality of our products made in the European Union. It is our pleasure to offer employment and income to our staff and to our partners. We believe that the quality of our products surpasses the quality of similar imported products.

The Partnership Programme
We are absolutely convinced that we can reach fair agreements with various partners, whereby there is no need to set same demands to each partner. The programmes have been devised in such manner that we supply all our partners with various promotional materials in English language. All partnership programmes are also offering business and technical training and information system support. Our common goal is for SpinaliS to become your best-selling trade mark. This is the reason why we are searching mostly for partners who are very active and self-initiative.

Exceptional Warranty
As we are very proud of the top quality of our products, you can be convinced that we will always deliver a good, safe and quality product. You will be able to offer an exceptional warranty to the buyer of SpinaliS chair.

Active Health Protection
SpinaliS chair is a patented product intended for the consumers who are striving for healthy and active life. Sitting on all our chairs mimics active sitting on a therapeutic ball (“Swiss ball”) and due to its movable seat prevents lower back pain. It provides a great help for people who already experience difficulties due to a sedentary lifestyle. Because of this exceptional characteristics of our chairs you will always act for the benefit of the customer.

It is our sincere wish to offer you a first class support. Our experienced experts will assist and advise you to close the deals and to provide information about availability of the products and delivery dates.

It is easy to become our partner. Contact us and we will give you all the necessary details on business co-operation. The business co-operation with SpinaliS brings numerous benefits to the partners as well as satisfied clients who will be returning to you.

Sandra Ham
Marketing Manager


1The Order of The Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Medicines and Medical Devices Nr. 310-56/2013-4