We spend one-third of our life in a sitting position. Therefore, it is essential to choose a chair to adjust to our body and enable healthy sitting. When choosing an ergonomic office chair for work from home or students doing their homework, we need to pay attention to some key characteristics:

Seat width and depth should fit your pelvis

Seat size and shape should fit the size of your pelvis. SpinaliS chairs collection consists of eleven different models with various seat sizes – e.g., SpianliS Navigator has a wide seat. At the same time, Spinalis Basic is more suitable for children who need a smaller seat.

Backrest and lumbar support should hold up your body where necessary.

An excellent ergonomic chair offers the right support in the lumbar area of the spine. If the support in the lumbar area is too low or too high, it harms the posture. As people are different sizes, the chair needs to have a height-adjustable backrest, to adjust the lumbar support accordingly. The majority of SpinaliS office chairs have the option to change the lumbar support, moving together with armrests. When buying the chair for your child, you can choose an additional circular footrest. It helps your child to rest their feet if the chair is too high.

Materials should be thermally conductive and breathable for an extended time.

Chair seat cover material must be of high quality to endure for many years, and at the same time, it should be as natural as possible and pleasant to touch. The material should be breathable.

SpinaliS chairs’ padding is made of high-quality foam, which is thermally conductive and retains its shape. The majority of SpinaliS chairs are covered with a cotton fabric, which is breathable and prevents sweating.

Chair adjustment should be simple.

Some office chairs have many adjustment functions, often not used or previously adjusted by our co-worker, who had been sitting in our chair. A simple adjustment is one of SpinaliS chairs’ advantages. One function only for simultaneous adjustment of backrest height and the height of handles.

The chair should enable active sitting.

Sitting on a therapeutic ball, which activates our muscles and promotes good posture, is recommended by medical doctors. Regretfully, the ball gives no support, leading to excessive fatigue during the extended sitting time while working or studying. SpinaliS ergonomic chairs enable two ways of sitting: active sitting and sitting with “resting” mode. So, sitting in a SpinaliS chair strengthens the muscles and promotes good posture while giving ergonomic support and rest during the extended sitting time.