Besides an excellent ergonomic chair, we need to pay attention to the adequate placement of the workspace.
We can do this in five simple steps and without additional costs.

Adjust the office chair to the desk.

Place your forearms and wrists on the desk in a right-angle position. We achieve the ideal ergonomic position when the knees keep a 90-degree angle, too, feet flat on the floor.

Adjust the computer screen.

The distance from the screen should ideally be one arm’s length. The upper edge of the screen must be at eye level or slightly above. This position keeps our neck relaxed and our spine upright.

Move the keyboard and the mouse closer.

We place the mouse close enough, preventing unnecessary stretching. Put the keyboard and the mouse at the same height.

Provide adequate light.

Sufficient light is essential for the health of our eyes and better productivity at work. If there is a natural source of light, we should make the best possible use of it. We need to pay attention to the window position, which should never be behind our back to prevent blinding by the light.

Let’s move!

Despite ergonomic workspace, excessive sitting indeed has a bad influence on our health. Therefore, one of the critical elements of a healthy workspace is changing positions during work. We should stand up from the sitting position every 30 or 60 minutes, take a short walk and stretch gently.   With its movable seat, the Spinalis chair provides a more frequent change of body position. So, we can sit upright without strain while strengthening our muscles and maintaining a healthy spine.