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According to Eurostat, 40% of workers in the European Union countries are exposed to factors that negatively affect their physical health. 27% have negative factors on the psyche.

First place among diseases is back injury (28%). Second place goes to pains in the neck, shoulders and arms (19%), and in third place we find stress and depression (14%). If we connect the first two groups into a single category of "back-related problems" we quickly see that almost half (47%) of all injuries are associated with the spinal cord!



The SpinaliS chair is an important factor to prevent back injury, according to renowned orthopaedic Dr. Janko Popovic.

A 2007 Eurostat study of EU workers showed that 28% of the sick days taken were due to back problems. Preventative measures against back problems can, therefore, lead to a 28% increase in productivity, if those sick days could have been avoided. Outfitting yourself, or your whole office, with SpinaliS chairs will result in fewer sick days, greater productivity and happier staff.






Most jobs are seated. We sit for at least 8 hours in a forced position and after work we add more time in the car, by the computer and on the couch, and the result is: nearly 15 hours sitting in an inappropriate position!






How about you? How long do you sit each day?  



Medical opinions

Prof. Dr. sci. JANKO POPOVIC, Dr. Medicine - Orthopaedist

SpinaliS is important for preventive measures

The idea of ​​constructing a chair with a moving base or moving seat seems to me to be one of the very important things in preventing the degeneration of the discs. Because of the constant movement of the seat back muscles have to work constantly, so there is no unilateral burdening of the spine and l discs, but the burden is distributed to the entire spinal area, sometimes more on one side, sometimes more on the other.

I would recommend this chair to patients with low back pain and other parts of the spine, especially for people who sit a lot or are in a forced sitting position at work, to prevent the most frequent problems related to the spine. It seems to me that this is one of the important preventive measures to reduce spinal problems.

Irena Logonder, speech therapist

SpinaliS allows for an active body in the correct position

SpinaliS due to its moveability optimally meet the child's need for movement also during medical treatment. It allows for an active body in the correct position, which is a necessary starting point for better speech motorics and thus more successful speech therapy treatment. 

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