Certificates and awards


Certificate of Conformity of SpinaliS chairs with the European standards for office furniture CE

The ES Certificate of Conformity

The quality of SpinaliS chairs has been approved by SIQ – Slovenian Institute of Quality and Metrology

SpinaliS chair – a medical device in Slovakia

Quality approval of SpinaliS chairs by TÜV Certificate

The UZA Certificate, Belgium

The Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Medicines and Medical Devices – Therapeutic Chairs


SpinaliS chairs have won numerous international awards, honored by expert juries in 5 countries, and were proclaimed a “best buy” in The Independent newspaper. One was used to achieve a Guinness World Record (a radio DJ held the longest radio show session in history, over several days, in a SpinaliS chair).

The 11th International Innovation Fair ARCA 2013 golden award

Entrepreneurial Example in 2010

SpinaliS – the best office chair in the Czech Republic

SQ sign (Slovene Quality) with international test

MODDOM, Bratislava Fair Award

REHAPROTEX Fair in Brno, Czech Republic - Golden award for SpinaliS Pilot

Sitting on SpinaliS to enter Guiness World Records

The Mirror of Slovene Success Award

MOS Fair 2000 recognition award

Recognition award winner of The Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia

The Independent best buy 2007


SpinaliS active sitting system is patented in most developed countries in the world

USA registered model protection

Registered trademark in the USA

The SpinaliS trademark is registered in Spain

Japan registered trademark

Certificate of trademark registration in Japan




Tests and research

Volaj, Sabina, Diploma paper:  A Proposition for Office Furnishing with SpinaliS Ergonomic Chairs Produced by HAM, LLC.

Dragic, Vesna, Diploma paper: Analysis of Dynamic Sitting on a Chair with Movable Seat

Health Assessment, Slovakia

Clinical Tests Report, Slovakia

SpinaliS in schools

Report: Research on sitting on SpinaliS chair at school 2006 to 2011

Summary: Research on sitting on SpinaliS chair at school 2006 to 2011

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Medical opinions

Darija Strahdr. med. spec. ginekologije in porodništva

Stol SpinaliS toplo priporočam vsaki bodoči mamici

Sem mamica dveh otrok in med drugo nosečnostjo sem ves čas vodila ginekološko ambulanto, doma pa so me čakale še običajne vsakodnevne obveznosti. Morda sem se ravno zaradi stola Spinalis, redne vsakodnevne vadbe, ki pa časovno ni presegla 15 minut, v nosečnosti počutila izredno dobro.

Stol SpinaliS toplo priporočam vsaki bodoči mamici, saj vsaka lepa ura v nosečnosti pomeni veliko več kot ostale ure v življenju.

Prof. Dr. sci. JANKO POPOVIC, Dr. Medicine - Orthopaedist

SpinaliS is important for preventive measures

The idea of ​​constructing a chair with a moving base or moving seat seems to me to be one of the very important things in preventing the degeneration of the discs. Because of the constant movement of the seat back muscles have to work constantly, so there is no unilateral burdening of the spine and l discs, but the burden is distributed to the entire spinal area, sometimes more on one side, sometimes more on the other.

I would recommend this chair to patients with low back pain and other parts of the spine, especially for people who sit a lot or are in a forced sitting position at work, to prevent the most frequent problems related to the spine. It seems to me that this is one of the important preventive measures to reduce spinal problems.

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