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You’ve heard that sitting on normal chairs, even those advertised as “ergonomic,” can be harmful to health, while sitting on an inflated “therapy ball” is best for us. It’s true. Sitting on a ball requires active sitting, constantly using our muscles to adjust to the ball’s subtle movements, thus promoting muscle maintenance and development, and counteracting the negative effects of sitting too much. Spinalis chairs do just this: They replicate sitting on a therapy ball, but add back support and a variety of elegant, practical shapes and designs, to suit any work or home environment.

Normal office chair

Therapeutic ball


Unique chair for healthy back

  • SpinaliS Apollo

    SpinaliS Apollo is an eccentric with additional padding to give comfort to the pelvic area.

  • SpinaliS Ergonomic

    SpinaliS ERGONOMIC is a new, playful model in the SpinaliS line.

  • SpinaliS Hacker

    Spinalis Hacker is our best selling model and also the favorite of the most hardcore computer programmers.

  • SpinaliS Spider

    SpinaliS Spider will animate all working environments with its futuristic look.

  • SpinaliS Navigator

    SpinaliS Navigator has a high backrest and is dressed in microfiber, giving the appearance of prestigious Alcantara.

  • SpinaliS Pilot

    SpinaliS Pilot is the most elite office chair, which offers healthy sitting and great comfort and prestige.

  • SpinaliS Basic

    SpinaliS Basic is the first in the SpinaliS family of chairs.

  • SpinaliS Smart

    SpinaliS Smart is a smart solution for small places.

  • SpinaliS Rodeo

    Model SpinaliS Rodeo is the latest model among SpinaliS chairs.

  • SpinaliS Dent

    The SpinaliS Dent is intended for specific jobs (dentists, dental technicians, ophthalmologists, electronics, etc.).

  • SpinaliS Stylist

    In response to the wishes of the best Slovenian hairdressers, we have developed the SpinaliS Stylist.

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Lily GradisekAdministrative worker

After using the chair for a few weeks the situation is much better

I am five months pregnant and I have back pain due to the baby. The pain occurred in the first trimester, when I was force to lie down because of a risk pregnancy. Later the pain got only worse while walking and sitting. After using the chair for a few weeks the situation is much better. You have to get used to the chair as the difference between a SpinaliS and a normal chair is great but the sitting is much more comfortable, above all it's good for your posture and the correct position of the spine, thus relieving pain.

Joze KosDirector Carpentry Kos

Sitting is a pleasure 

SpinaliS chairs are really a great thing. It has been four years with no back problems so congratulations to all who helped develop this product. After the first week my muscles hurt even more so I wanted to return the chair. After three weeks, the pain went away and now sitting is a pleasure.

Ales StorComputer expert

A big step towards a healthy spine

My back problems started with swowboarding. I increasingly felt twitches in my back sometimes even feeling almost paralyzed. Later, the problem also occurred while doing other physical activities. So I realized that I was among those who had to pay attention to their back.

In addition to sport activities for strengthening back muscles I also tried SpinaliS. Before that I had been undisciplined when it came to sitting, often being hunched over. The back muscles are completely relaxed in such a manner, the burden being taken by the lower back. Prolonged sitting made my problems worse. With SpinaliS indiscipline is no longer allowed. With my SpinaliS the back muscles are tense all the time, so being reinforced even while sitting, at the same carrying the burden which was previously worn by the backbone.

SpinaliS is not some miracle drug, but it is certainly a big step towards a healthy spine.

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