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Office chairs for Active Sitting and Active Life

SpinaliS is the only chair in the world that allows you the comfort of a modern office chair while at the same time it mimics active sitting on a therapeutic ball - the latter is what therapists recommend as the best tool for healthy sitting

Why SpinaliS?

With each tilt of the body, the spine »breaks« in the lower back area, leading to injuries and pain. Due to uneven pressure on discs, passive sitting on ergonomic chairs with the fixated seat causes pain and injuries in your back.
While sitting on a therapeutic ball, you need to adjust to the ball’s movement and continually sit actively. Like that, we successfully strengthen our back and abdominal muscles and therefore keep our spine vital. Unfortunately, the ball offers no support; sitting like this for several hours leads to excessive tiredness and even injuries.
Because of the movable seat following the body’s movement, the backbone is in the correct position all the time. Active sitting on a SpinaliS chair mimics active sitting on a therapeutic ball – strengthening back and abdominal muscles, promoting good posture, and preventing back pain. In addition to active sitting, it offers the possibility of repose, which is vital if we sit for an extended time.


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Frequently asked questions when buying an office chair

A healthy spine means a “young” spine in the sense of flexibility, elasticity, and firm soft tissue surrounding the bone elements. A healthy spine guarantees an active life, good posture, easy and unlimited movement, life without pain, tingling, and other problems.

An excellent ergonomic chair should provide proper and active sitting. Since humans are meant to move, the number of muscles in our body is three times higher than the number of bones; thus, there is no single perfect static position. It is best if our muscles are always active while sitting.

Spinal disc herniation is an injury to the cushioning and connective tissue between vertebrae, usually caused by excessive strain or trauma to the spine. There are 23 discs between the spinal vertebrae. These are small panels consisting of a fluid core and a firm connective tissue, performing as shock absorbers of our movement and gravity forces.
A lasting forced static posture, strenuous manual work, and repetitive asymmetric movement patterns may lead to micro-injuries, disc herniation, or muscle cramps in the lumbar area causing lower back pain.

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