We give you a three-year warranty on all parts of the chair, except for the fabric. The natural characteristics of the leather and visible material faults are not subject to the warranty.

We ensure a seven-year lifetime for the SpinaliS chair, meaning that we will provide the possibility to purchase all spare parts in this period.


Warranty of a good purchase means that the customer is entitled to return the Spinalis chair within 30 days from the delivery date if sitting in the SpinaliS does not satisfy their needs. We reimburse the full purchase price to the customer who is not satisfied with sitting in SpinaliS chair and wishes to enforce the warranty of a good purchase on the condition that they return the chair undamaged, in the original packaging, including the warranty certificate.  If the chair is stained, we charge 10 % of the chair price for cleaning. If the chair is damaged in any way, we withhold the right to decrease the amount of reimbursement for repair costs. Each customer has the right to benefit from this privilege to the maximum of two chairs. These conditions are valid for the chairs in our regular offer.