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SpinaliS federSpinaliS chairs differs from all other chairs in having a seat that is movable in all directions. More ...

Comparison of sitting on

Ergonomic Chair
Passive sitting on ergonomic chairs with a fixed seat causes pain and back injuries as a result of disproportionate pressure on the spinal discs. The spinal column "cracks" in the small of the back at every inclination of the body, which leads to injuries and pain.
Back pain
Therapy Ball
A long time already physicians and orthopaedists are recommending sitting and exercising on a therapy ball to people with back pain because it forces into a correct body posture while sitting and thus strengthens the back and abdominal muscles. Sitting on SpinaliS chairs imitates the sitting on a therapy ball.
Protect health
SpinaliS CHAIR
Active sitting on a SpinaliS chair with a movable seat is the reason that the spinal column is during the leaning of the body constantly in a correct position. At the same time the back and abdominal muscles are being strengthened, which is the basis for a healthy back.
Protect health

SpinaliS Chairs makes an active sitting possible.


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